The G.E. production includes power rating from 2 to 1500KVA in different version including custom, with particular attention are designed and constructed part of the machine components.

The property includes a building of about 1000m^2 covered including warehouse for the stock of raw materials and related spare parts. In the same place there are attached office.

Energie Alternative S.r.l. is able to develop through the steps in the assembly design and manufacture of generator sets and subsequent placement on the market through his business network.

Raw materials, diesel engines and alternators, are purchased at primary national and foreign companies. The generators are produced through processing of metal and electrical fittings; mechanical parts include: chassis, enclosures, sound proofing, carts, tanks, exhaust systems, mechanical joints and fastening connecting elements (flexible pipes, etc.), instead electrical parts affect circuits, control panels and control;

The soundproof canopy is designed and built with best components: self-supporting steel structure to allow the lifting of the same, fixed panels and doors made of folded aluminum sheet , sound-absorbing material used for insulation is mineral wool type zero.